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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Printed from COOKS.COM

□ 1 med. sized hippo
□ 1 ton salt
□ Pepper to taste
□ 500 bushels potatoes
□ 1000 gals. brown gravy
□ 200 bushels carrots
□ 400 sprigs parsley
□ 2 sm. rabbits (optional)

Cut hippo meat into bite sized pieces. This will take about 2 months. Cut vegetables into cubes (another 2 months). Place meat into large pan and cover with gravy. Simmer for 4 weeks. Shovel in salt and pepper to taste. When meat is tender, add vegetables. A steam shovel is useful for this. Simmer slowly for 4 more weeks. Garnish with parsley.

Will serve 2, 700 people. If more are expected, add 2 small rabbits - this is not recommended as very few people like hare in their stew.