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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here we go again!!!

I have been taking a much needed break from blogging in general and writing this one specifically for the past several weeks. This has a lot to do with the old adage "If you can't say anything nice, shut the hell up" or something like that.

As all my readers know, I follow the goings on in Washington DC, partly for the sport of it and partly because I am scared out of my mind about the people in charge of this nation. They don't seem smart enough to have ridden on the short bus, but more like they got run over by the short bus.

Let's break it down a little;

-GOP - House of Representatives - Thank you for voting 100% against the bailout, it was an act of good conscious that you did. Senate GOP - please don't be stupid.

Dear Leader -
- How many tax cheats does it take to screw up the treasury?
I don't know but there are at least 5 that he wanted in his cabinet.
- How does a government command executives to make no more than dear leader? The USA became preferred tax holders of many of the banks by accepting bailout (tarp) money, this should give the government no more say in what the banks do than me and you. Sorry Barry we aren't socialized yet, the government isn't in control on the banks, they just made some bad investments.
- How hot do you keep your house in the winter? Dear Leader when he was running for his coronation said that 72 degrees would be greedy by us citizens and it would give us a bad reputation around the world.... his office is at 78 degrees, can't he afford sweaters?

- $900 billion dollars and no stimulus any where. The congressional budget office says that a majority of the money will take two or more years to reach the marketplace. The minority offered a alternative, for 350 Billion we can keep more of our money which will stimulate the economy and create 4 -6 million jobs within 24 months. Oh yeah - this is money our grandchildren won't have to pay back. Do you think this is just political rhetoric? The model that they used to calculate these figures was created and proven by none other than Dear Leaders chief economic adviser and backed up by the Congressional Budget Office. The biggest problem with the minority plan is none of the pet projects and pork offered to us by the left would be included, planned parenthood (abortionist's 'R' Us) and Acorn would have to find their additional funding somewhere else.

- Why if we are in the worst economic state since the great deprecion is Nazi Pelosi still flying across country in a private jet paid for by you and me at a cost of $132K per round trip. For the good of the country and to make use of the 1 billion dollars for Amtrak in the pork barrel plan she should take the train.

- Congress just received a 4000+ raise this year. Shouldn't they set the example for us and be patriotic and sacrifice like the Auto Makers and only take $1 per year until they have corrected the financial crisis they have led this country into.

- The new interior secretary has started his war for the environment by rescinding 74 land leases in Utah, they were for oil exploration. The left is excited because now the environmental lobby will give them more money, and so will we, at the pumps.

- State of Oregon is trying to start charging tax per mile instead of per gallon. It seems last year when we were all told to go out and by fuel efficient cars and drive less that the gas tax revenues dropped significantly. So now Oregon wants to have GPS devices installed that will track and bill you for driving at all. The feds are much less conniving... they have a proposal to raise gas taxes a full dollar a gallon.

- Only in America can an unemployed single woman, with 6 kids already, get public assistance for fertility treatments, produce 8 more kids and then need WIC and Welfare to raise them.

- Have you heard of the "Fairness Doctrine"? You will and there is nothing fair about it.

Side note: I am feeling much better since surgery and I am healing fine physically. The cure for my mental anguish will take 2-4 years to cure.


Becky said...

how about a visit from priscilla...will that help with your mental anguish? :) i'm scared too - hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride...

Jenny said...

But YAY! you're back.
btw--78? c'mon.
Our house is at 58. Time to get out among 'the people.'
Good to hear from you again, ChefTom!

Jo Jo said...

I think it will be four years at least maybe 8 before your mental anguish is gone. Welcome back!