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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tea Party Report

The Tea Party on Friday was a enlightening experience, it was sponsored by "Americans for Prosperity", which is in 25 states and expanding, and Top Conservatives on Twitter (also Facebook). There were just over 100 taxpayers in attendance and we heard messages from the state director (Tom Jenny) of AFP and several AZ State Legislators.

The main points that were made are these;

No more bailouts

Stop handouts to Wall Street and Banks and stop the nationalization/socialization of our banks.

Stop the Federal Reserves printing press before we get to 70's style stagflation.

Stop the federal bailouts and sweetheart deals for favored companies and industries.

Stop wasting taxpayer money on "stimulus" packages. (Stimulus is the same old tax-and-spend, pork barrel politics they've been giving us for 79 years. And Dear Leader's "New Deal" hasn't been very transparent.)

Stop exploding the national debt and saddling our children and grandchildren with unfunded liabilities. (latest: 70 trillion, or $800,000 per child in the US)

The Message to the State Legislature and Gov. Brewer (AZ)

Don't stick Arizona taxpayers with the bill for the Napolitano deficit. We can't tax our way to prosperity.

Don't let federal bailout money force the state to keep spending at unsustainable rates. Watch those strings that are attached!

Reduce spending. There is a lot of fat left in the budget. Nearly everything government does costs twice as much as the private sector to do the same thing.

What can you do?

Send tea bags to Congress and the President.

Bring your friends and family to AFP Arizona's local Taxpayer Townhall Meetings in 2009 or

Encourage your state legislators and Governor to hold the line against tax increases. They are under intense pressure from the spending lobbies.

Become a local government watchdog: you will be amazed at how much money is wasted by your school district boards, city councils, and county supervisors.

The next tea party is April 15th, contact AFP (link above) or Top Conservatives on Twitter (facebook too). Attend and become involved. Let your representatives know when you send them a tea bag that you are paying close attention to their votes and you will not forget the fiscally responsible and the not on election day. Keep the congressional feet to the fire, e-mail them as often as you can and remind them when they are not keeping your best interests at heart when they are voting and also thank them when they are responsible. If we as American citizens and taxpayers do not hold our representatives responsible for their voting record, we deserve what we get.

There is also the American Again rally of July 4th, I will post more information when I get it.


Jo Jo said...

Great stuff! Thanks for that. Wish my grandmother was around so I didn't have to buy the tea bags.

Jenny said...

Is there an alternative to spending money on tea bags? Kind of goes against the principle... although I understand the symbolism. Why spend money to make the point? Make the point and then state that instead of wasting a tea bag (and the money) you are donating the funds to your local PTO. Too much of that already.