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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pass it all - let the voters sort it out.

I am so tired of all the socialist America hating legislation that is being pushed by the far-left leaning congress that I give up - PASS IT ALL, we the voters will sort it out. Currently we have Cap and Trade which will cost 2.5 million jobs a year and it will not control any carbon emissions or change the perceived climate change. Health Care reform which will cost 5 million jobs if passed and if similar models are correct won't reform health care, it will only make it harder to get health care and if you are too old or have an "unhealthy" lifestyle, you may be refused life saving health care all together. Barney "Brothel" Frank wants to pass legislation that will limit executive pay for those on wall street, he thinks that incentive-based pay is not good for the economy. All this is from the congress that has the lowest approval rating in history and still gave themselves a raise this year.

Ask your rep about the 700 million dollars for Wild Horse birth control. or the 3.4 million for a turtle tunnel or 30 million for rats in San Francisco, and the 80 million that ended up being given to art houses in San Francisco to show Gay Horror Porn and "Pervert Dance Reviews" I am sure there are better things to spend our tax-dollars on than that.

Yep - I think the demorats should pass all the bad - America hating legislation that they can think of - We the voters will have the final say on election day. Every member of the house of representin' and a third of the senate are up for our votes in November 2010, we should make them aware of the fact that WE get to make the final decision on their policies and WE will make certain that all these communist loving - America Hating congressmen are back in the private sector in January 2011.

*** side note ***
most of the legislation won't take effect until after 2011 session starts and we should make sure we elect those that will be in a majority and able to repeal these atrocities.

Happy Friday!

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Jo Jo said...

Sad. So much evil out there. Voting is sooooo important!