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Sunday, October 18, 2009

New World Order? - CALL TO ACTION

In December there is to be an international summit on "climate change" in which a treaty will be offered that will force industrialized nations to pay third world countries for the sin of global warming, this is a treaty the Dear Leader will gladly sign, he loved playing Robin Hood. The problem is that at the same time he is giving more money away that we will have to borrow against our children and grandchildren to pay, he is also cede's the US sovereignty in the process, this can not be allowed to happen. I believe any treaty signed by Dear Leader has to be ratified by congress, start now and let your elected representatives know that this is not acceptable and that "We the People" do not cede our independence based on unproven theories and "environmental justice".

I have attached a coupe of You tube links, the first one is the short 4 minute version talking about the treaty and the second is the entire 95 minute speech that refutes that whole theory of global warming. Here is the link to the presentation that he references throughout the 95 minute version. It is well worth the listen.

here is the link to the treaty that is refered to in the last 5 minutes.

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