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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Papa is a Capitalist

My papa is a Capitalist, my mamma, too, and I,
And if you'll wait a minute now, I'll tell the reason why;
I'm sure that when you understand, you certainly will see,
You'd better be a Capitalist, and vote with pa and me.

You see, we're very lucky to be living in a nation,
That knows rewarding hard work will encourage innovation.
For there are many people who, when offered an incentive,
Will use their brains and brawn to be amazingly inventive.

Our country's prospered like no other, based on a single notion,
That caused millions of people to board ships and cross the ocean.
What made so many immigrate and cross the churning sea?
The answer's really simple. Just one word: It's "Liberty."

The chance to live in freedom, where their dreams are not restrained,
The chance to pursue goals and know they can be obtained.
The promise of a better life drew, like moths to flame,
Millions upon millions who sought freedom, fortune, fame.

Look around the world and see the countries that have failed,
And you will find the reason is that hope had been curtailed.
If your future's been decided and your dreams have been ignored,
You've got no motive to succeed -- because there's no reward.

But if you are enabled, placed in charge of your own fate,
The world can be your oyster. That's what makes this country great.
It's the nature of humanity to always improve our lot,
To have a bigger chicken in an even bigger pot.

So papa is a Capitalist, mamma and children too;
We're in control of our own lives. And happier, as are you.
The things we want we work hard for, so the things we lack are few.
So all of us are Capitalists; please, won't you be one too?

- From Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck (2009)

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