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Friday, September 5, 2008

Liberals Worst Nightmare

I have spent the last two weeks intensely watching the political conventions. I suffered through the Hate America DNC Convention last week and by the end of the convention I was angry and mad that the elected Representatives of the greatest country on this planet could hate it so much and not see any hope without socialism and hand-outs. A week ago the sun started coming out again with the introduction of Sarah Palin to the country and this week the liberal media went out of their way to make up lies and attempt to stir up the controversy around her. It didn't work, She came out on Wednesday and put the liberals and the corrupt in Washington DC on notice. She is awesome, I haven't been this excited about a political figure in a long long time. There was a night and day difference in the conventions, the democrats were preaching from "The Guide for Radicals" and the "Communist Manifesto" all doom and gloom all the time. The Republicans came in and admitted that there are struggles and trials and they didn't offer a hand out they offered a leg up. They thanked God for this country after every speech and MEANT it. They have a plan to put this country back on track and do it without big tax and big government. I have been luke warm at best on McCain, with his choice of Sarah Palin, I am solidly behind them all the way.


Jenny said...

I do believe you're right on about this woman. She has made a luke-warm choice red hot! (And the fact that she has fabulous bangs is a big bonus)

Leanne Walker said...

She has fabulous shoes also.

She really was a great choice for McCain. This is confirmed by the way the liberals are going out of their way to make her seem trivial or terrible, whichever will work - so far, neither has. She is the shot in the arm that McCain needed to excite America.

Becky said...

She's gonna win by a LANDSLIDE - guarantee it!