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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Service Challenge

A friend on one of my favorite blogs posted a quote about service to which I replied, true service must come from the heart and cannot be bought, legislated, or forced. That would be servitude.
So today I would challenge each of you to commit to providing a service for someone else today, whether it is within your family, for a complete stranger or a neighbor in need. It doesn't have to be a big project, start small and see how it feels to give of yourself without thought of praise or reward.

SO? Are you up for a challenge?


Becky said...

Thanks Tom...service is truly one of my favorite things. My mom has always told me that when I'm feeling down to go and do for others. It does more for the soul than anything I can think of. I am going to take you up on your challenge each day this week. Thanks!

Jenny said...

I'm in. I accept your challenge, and will extend it to each person in my family at FHE this week! Service is one of my favorite ways to feel good.

Schenewarks said...

I'll be the third in a row if I can get this in! Hello Tom. It's been too long. When I was explaining to my boys who Chef Tom is, I told them he was my best friend in high school. You were the best. Those were good times! Your kids are beautiful! I have a Hunter as well. I'm up for the challenge, thanks. And, still thinking about recipes. Love, Amy Jo

Donna said...

I will take you up on it as well. Thanks for the challenge. Hope you guys are doing good.