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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Letter to Congress

Dear Members of Congress,

I sit here bewildered and confused today after observing your actions. So, I have a few questions that I would love to have answered.

Why was it necessary to spend more than an hour of tax-payer time to scold a congressman that had already apologized twice?

Why are we spending hundreds of millions of dollars on mice, horses and other wild animals to have nice homes when millions of Americans are losing theirs?

Why are you allowing the President to appoint three dozen Czars, mostly with no oversight without raising holy hell?

Why are the unions getting more control over companies like GM when the shareholders are losing their investments?

Why is SEIU helping to write any legislation, isn't that your job?

Why did the "Apollo Alliance" write the stimulus bill?

If you are not writing the bills and you are not reading the bills, how do you know what is in the bills?

If you are not reading or writing the bills, do we really need you to vote on them?

Why hasn't EVERY member of congress demanded a full audit and investigation of ACORN and their affiliates?

What is it that ACORN does that makes them worthy of up to 8.5 BILLION dollars of funds borrowed on the backs of my children?

If the president surrounds himself with radicals, and, has a lifetime attraction to radicals, why shouldn't he be considered a radical?

If anyone that disagrees with the president is racist, as we have heard over and over again, why was everyone that disagreed with Bush a patriot?

How long does it take for the house ethics committee need to investigate and find that Charlie Rangel cheated on his taxes?

Speaking of tax cheats, why is it again that you have confirmed tax cheats one after the other to manage the money and policies of this nation? If they can't handle their money, why the hell are we trusting them with our money?

When are you going to read the US Constitution? When will you start following it?

I will wait for your response,

Tom Walker


Becky said...

Did you really send this? I can't wait to hear the answers...although you may be waiting a LONG time. (sigh) I cringe everytime I look over at your sidebar and see the countdown...ugh!

Jenny said...

Dear ChefTom,

Jo Jo said...

Really well written. Can we copy it and send it along?

ChefTom said...

Feel free to copy and send it anywhere you would like.