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Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 8th - Dear Leader Indoctrination Day at School

In case you have a life and missed the news, Dear Leader is scheduled to give a speech on Tuesday the 8th of September. One of the reported goals is to ask your children to help support the presidents agenda and policies. If you support Dear Leader and his policies and agenda, this is a good and happy day for you. If like me you find everything that the administration and congress is doing is abhorrent bordering on criminal, then Tuesday will be a long and stressful day of either keeping your kids home with Obamaflu or going to school with them to defuse the propaganda that this administration loves to spew.

Link 1 - Propaganda is the word of the day, see what the NEA wants your kids to read to reinforce the speech Dear Leader is giving Tuesday the 8th.

This video is a light overview of what the curriculum is for the event

If you choose to allow your children to participate, you may want to sit through it with them or at the very least defuse the propaganda with some home schooling after school. Here is a suggested curriculum for the aftermath of propaganda ala Dear Leader;

It's the obligation of an American citizen to question, challenge, be suspicious of government.

Question: Why were the Founders fearful of government?

Question: In what ways did they insure limits on government power?

Question: What are the enumerated powers of the federal government?

Question: In what ways did FDR violate the Constitution?

Question: In what ways is BHO, the new FDR, attempting to circumvent the Constitution?

Question: What can you do as an American citizen to make certain your government remains true to the Constitution?

Question: Why is an educated populace important to a free society?

Questions: Why did the Founders encourage public schools, to teach classes on of the Constitution?"

Question: What elements of our government today might be causing our Founders to turn in their graves?


Jo Jo said...

We informed our older boys of this. When they went to school and asked, none of the teachers knew anything about it. We're thinking it was going to be a show up on the day and find out, so no one can prepare for anything different.

Jenny said...

Interesting. We got a note home in the backpack last week, informing us that our schools would not be airing the broadcast live, but they would be showing a taped version of it at some later point. We then had the option of either being okay with having our kids watch it "whenever," or sending in a note telling the teachers to give the student an alternate activity to participate in while the rest of them watched the video. I'm annoyed. I can't tell you how many times it ends up just being ONE child who abstains from anything like this... I'm going to send in the note asking when I should show up to watch it WITH my child. (Now, which child should I watch it with??... I have five kids in four different schools...)