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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Check this out!!!

Go here to learn more about this amazing model.


Becky said...

...for a second there I totally thought you were talking about ME! (you know...the AMAZING MODEL) But then I came down off my soap box and realized you were NOT talking about me! ;) J/K That was a really cool video. WHERE DO YOU FIND THIS STUFF?!?!

Jenny said...

Yeah... where DO you find it?!

ChefTom said...

I love trains in general and model trains in particular. There are hundreds of videos of this particular model on YouTube that are extremely fascinating, like fire trucks responding to fires and such.

shirlgirl said...

That was a fantastic video, Tom. My husband's cousin's husband is a train buff. He has model trains and villages set up in the basement of his home which is fantastic. I'm going to send him this site so he can view it.