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Friday, January 9, 2009

Thoughts and Observations

Let me preface this post with saying that I have no prejudices against any race, creed, color, religion or financial status. I have known and worked with many of the aforementioned groups and they all have good and bad just like us middle class white guys do.

That being said, I have several topics to cover and I plan on being pretty blunt and in my opinion honest in what I have been pondering for the better part of a year at different times.

1. The unemployment numbers came out today for December, the USA is up to 7.2% without jobs and more that are either under-employed or in temporary positions. So that got my mind thinking (as painful as that is) There are approx 12-20 million illegal aliens here, using 10 million as the number of illegals seeking employment here in the USA that is around 3.3% of the 300 million adults. so if 7.2% is unemployed and we take back our jobs from the 3.3% that are here illegally our unemployment rates drops to an acceptable 3.9%, no one was complaining when unemployment was 3.9%.

2. The congress is getting amped up and wants to spend another trillion dollars of tax payers money for "Economic Stimulus" This is such a bad idea on the face of it, but if you look deeper it just gets worse and worse. Government spending does not prosperity make. It is a short term bandaid that will need a bigger bandaid in the long term. The answer is for the congress to stop! Stop spending my money, your money, and our great grandkids money. The congress gave the banks 350 Billion dollars in September in a hurry up to avert disaster bill. The problem, the banks still aren't loosening up credit which was what they were supposed to do, no one knows were the money went, except the 15 billion that went to the Big Three, which was another hurry up and pass this bill to avert disaster, although the senate put the breaks on it, and the executive branch went and wrote the check anyway.
Congress needs to stop spending money, stop bailing people out, stop "fixing" the economy, they are slowing down the recovery and actually doing more long term harm to it.

3. I have never been given a job by someone that made less money than me. So why does the Dear Leader elect think that he can fix anything from the bottom up? It doesn't work that way, it can't and it won't this time. Dear Leader elect thinks that government is the answer to everything, I personally agree with Reagan who was of the opinion that government is the problem.

4. If we want to encourage people to work, we should stop making their lives so easy. Their is a whole segment of the population that have made a career for generations of living on the backs of the rest of us. I have a plan that I have shared with anyone that would listen for the past 15 years. It is easy, if you are not working and would like food, someone from your household needs to get a job, earn a paycheck, and pay your own bills. If you are not trained to do anything, I will give you a FREE (they all like that word) seminar on picking things, things like cotton, tomatoes, peaches, apples, and litter. These are all things that seem to need a lot of picking, this will also give your noses and rears a break. I am not cold-hearted (mostly) there are those among us that are physically, mentally or both unable to work, I understand and that is a very small percentage and they should be taken care of.

5. Several months ago I proposed "ChefTom's Tax Plan" if you missed it, here are the basics.
No more capital gains taxes
15% Corporate taxes
15% flat income taxes
No more tax return, on the the 15th of April every year you will have to send a "Tax Declaration" along with your W-2s or 1099 or whatever pay summary you receive. On the back of the declaration there are categories for spending buckets, with the exception of a set percentage for national defense we will each decide how their hard earned dollars are spent. This will allow the taxpayers final say, if a majority of the American people are opposed to publicly funded abortions, then Planned Parenthood will have to find private funding or go away. Same goes for any other programs that we have no control or say over. I have a whole list of programs that the federal government is paying for that we no longer need or should have never paid for.

So to summarize if you would make me the supreme commander over all the land and give the elected doofi (plural for doofus) 4 years off, in four years I will gladly step down and the country will be a much better and easier place to live.


Jenny said...

If only it were that simple...

Jo Jo said...

You have my vote!

Becky said... did I not get on your comments? I know I commented on this post. I TOTALLY would vote for you. What can I do to cheer you up from yesterdays dismal day? I know that you aren't really happy right now....:(