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Friday, July 18, 2008

10 Reasons why you should NOT vote Obama

10. He is in-experienced, he is good giving scripted speeches where he has speech writers pulling the strings and giving him the words to speak, but everytime he opens his mouth without a script he sounds like a "D" student in the 6th grade. 57 states, fallen heroes at his speech, among so many others.
9. He has yet to take ownership of his actions, he has dis-owned any knowledge of the behavior and beliefs of people he has associated with for better than 20 years. Rev. Wright, Father Flager, William Ayers, Tony Rezko. He has very bad judgment when it comes to his personal associations, with the lame excuse that he didn't see "that" side of the person, or in the case of William Ayers, "I was only 9 years old when he was bombing the capital"
8. He started the campaign with only one policy that he has not flip-flopped on, "If you question anything he says, you are a racist." He does not want anyone to question his policies because beyond what is written for him in the speeches, he is lost and doesn't have any policies that he wants you to hear.
7. Can you afford higher taxes, he will raise them, for those that make more than 250k their federal tax will go from 35% to 39%, social security tax from 7% to 14% and a 2% medicare tax, this on top of state and local taxes, you will be in excess of 60% tax rate. For the rest of us, he would allow the Bush tax cuts expire, that means we would pay $2500 more annually, he pledged to give $1000 back, netting a $1500 tax increase. Not to mention a 50% capital gains tax, win-fall profit tax. Sounds like only those on welfare that aren't paying taxes should want to vote for Obama.
6. "A white Mans greed is a world in need", he said it, not me.
5. The midwest is full of bitter people that are clinging to their guns and religion - he says that like guns and religion are a bad thing.
4. He will surrender in Iraq handing the Al Queda a victory in the war on terror. If we leave Iraq, it will become the capital of all things evil.
3. The fairness doctrine, if you are unfamiliar with this doctrine, look it up, but it basically limits the free speech of radio commentators.
2. Global warming - he has bought into this load of crap, he will make it impossible for you to live your life as you choose. No offshore drilling, no nukes, no coal, just higher prices.
1. He is a marxist, he hates the American way of life and is Euro-centric, he does not want Americans to have any choices, he wants the government to control everything in your life, he wants to take more from those that work hard to be successful and give it to those that don't work at all. Typical wealth re-distribution. He even wants to guarantee health care coverage for those that have illegally entered our country as well as jobs and drivers licenses.

You decide, do you want to live in a country where you can make decisions based on your needs or would you like the government to decide what needs you should have and be stuck with what they give you. Once you surrender your freedoms, it is next to impossible to get them back.

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