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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Call the congress

I have become an avid C-Span watcher. I am trying to stop it though because by the time congress adjourns each day I am typically pretty pissed off. Both sides of the aisle in both the house and the senate can't get anything done except blame the opposite party for the hold up of legislation. This year the Democrats have added over 400 billion dollars in non-identified NEW spending for social programs that they will fight about later. Most of it will more than likely be used for useless earmarks, like studies on the mating habits of fruit flies, or some other false science like global warming, carbon offsets or solar powered green houses.

Both Nazi Pelosi and Harry Reid have continued to refuse to allow debate, amendments or up/down votes on any energy bills whatsoever. They are leaving for vacation at the end of this week and haven't done anything for the majority of this session.

If you are reading this, I urge you to write and call your local representatives, senators and tell them that they have not completed their job and cannot take a vacation until they pass real legislation to reduce energy prices. I also urge you to call or write the white house and ask the president to call a special session of congress if they do go out on recess, he can do this and set the agenda to follow, it's in the constitution. We as tax payers are the owners of this country and we need to take back control of it from the special interests that seem to have taken over the congress. Let them all know that is time for them to stop wasting our tax dollars and create and pass meaningful legislation that will lower energy costs and taxes.

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The Orton's said...

Hi Tom! Thanks for the support - I too wish you could come be my personal COOL would that be???:) It's so good to be connected to you again!!! Stay in touch. Love, Becky