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Monday, July 14, 2008

Macaroni is tubular dude

I awoke this morning thinking about macaroni in all its forms, not the stuff in the blue box with the powdered cheese of nuclear yellow, although it is on the short list of my wifes kitchen talents (she has many other talents for which I cannot compete) I am talking about all the pastas that fall into the category of macaroni. Legend has it macaroni received its moniker after it was served to an early Italian sovereign he exclaimed "Ma caroni" meaning "how very dear"
But did you know it is not just the little tubular elbows that are included in the "vey dear" category there are many others including shells, twists and ribons, all very famous in the grocery store pasta salads, but what of the less known members of the family;
the ditalini - very small short tubes
mostaccioli - large, 2 inch long tubes, cut on the bias, sometimes smooth and sometimes with ridges.
Rigatoni - short, grooved tubes
and Ziti - long, thin tubes

There are so many things you can do with macaroni, find a good recipe for American Chop Suey, any New England School Cafeteria worker should be able to help you out, then add you own twist to it, give macaroni a little love today.

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Jenny said...

I appreciate everything political--especially when someone does their homework and has a true opinion they can back up. Nothing but respect from me! But talk pasta, and I'm IN! LOVED this little entry--and you're right about that American Chop Suey being a truly New England thing... we love our starches!