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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fresh Garden Salsa

I love to make salsa almost as much as I like to eat salsa, it is fun to cut all the veggies into perfect small dices and see the mosaic of colors collect in the bowl, but if I could have my salsa without the effort, I would take it and a bag of tortilla chips, any day. Now for those that have gardens you have many of the ingredients within arms reach right now. I don't have an exact recipe, that isn't how I cook, but I will give you a close approximation and you can adjust it to you tastes. Add other veggies to the mix, the whole salsa thing was to use what was available to you and shouldn't be rigid with the ingredients.

Tom’s Salsa - 1 Gallon

2 lbs Roma Tomatoes – small dice (any tomato will work)

1 bunch Fresh Cilantro leaves (no stems)

12 Jalepenos – seeded/deveined (hold veins to the side) – small dice (wear gloves)

12 Tomatillos – small dice

¼ cup Fresh Lime Juice (lemon juice ok)

2 tsp Kosher Salt

1 White Onion – small dice

8-10 cloves – Fresh Garlic – small dice

Mix all ingredients in a large non-reactive (stainless steel or glass) bowl. Adjust heat by adding small-diced Jalepeno veins into the salsa. Add additional salt if needed.

For those that are in a hurry or don't like spending hours cutting veggies, use a food processor, don't puree them, just pulse it a couple of times until they are chunked up, process each veggie separately or some will be mush and other almost whole.

For those that have cucumbers in your garden also, you can peel, seed and small dice a cucumber or two and add that in also, they will take on the flavors surrounding them.

Cover and let sit in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours or overnight,

Have a bag of chips handy for "tasting" to ensure proper goodness.

If you make too much, you can share it with your neighbors.

Should stay good for 10 days.


Jenny said...

YUMMY! I'm going to run right out to the garden and chop some up for tomorrow! If you lived closer, I'd run out and get some for you, too! THANKS.

The Orton's said...

okay...haven't been brave enough to try salsa yet. I have not grown the peppers in my garden. I love salsa though, I'm really thinking about it....:)