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Saturday, August 23, 2008

This should be a group project

I am pretty proficient at cooking very nice high-end meals and with them usually comes a fair amount of time and money. It would be fun to eat like that everyday, but it would make us the best fed people living on the street. What I seem to be having a lot of trouble with is coming up with those meals that can be eaten on the weeknights, where the time between dinner and bed is shortest and the fatigue factor is highest. This is where all of you visiting to read my miscellaneous ramblings can help me out. If you would respond to me with one meal that you prepare on a weeknight for your family, I will come up with a 30 day meal plan, if you want a copy of it, I will gladly share. I just need help, my professional training is limiting my practical execution! Each meal should include a salad or veg, starch and protein.


Primarymary said...

If I were inclined to cook ever I would Make Shepherd's Pie, Meatza Pie or Mrs Ingraham's very easy Lasagna. I'll email you any of those recipes that you don't have if you want them.

Becky said...

Hi Tom...great idea and I would love to have a copy of whatever you come up with. Here are some of my regulars. (I'm always looking for NEW ideas!)

Quiesh (spelling?) I love this because it's an "all in one" meal. Spinach/feta is my favorite.

Keilbasa/Potatoes - sliced and baked together. If I'm feeling really sassy I'll add sweet potatoes and apples to the mix, makes a really nice flavor when baked together.

Grilled chicken on salad with chopped green apples, sliced almonds and croutons with a honey mustard dressing - YUMMY! My kids love this salad.

Black beans, rice and corn enchiladas served on shredded lettuce topped with sour cream. This is a great veggie meal.

It's late, that's all I can think of right this minute. Good luck and PLEASE share!!:)

Jenny said...

I'm IN! I'd LOVE a copy of a 30 day meal plan. My fastest (easiest)meals are

prepared-ahead of time lasagne and sliced garlic toast with a salad

the full-on taco bar with fruit smoothies

mostaccioli with a veggie side
(baked pasta/sausage/mozzarella)

enchiladas with fruit side

taco soup
(I'll email you this recipe--it's the fast and easy staple of our house)

more later-

ChefTom said...

Send me all the recipes, I will put them in a packet and set it up for download.

Becky said...

I tried opening up the document you sent me and it wouldn't let me.:(

Jenny said...

Tonight is BBQ chicken on the grill, sauteed summer squash (with garlic and parmesan cheese) and crusty bread with butter. (We're big on the delish fats group)

Jenny said...

By the way--some of my FAVORITE people (and bloggers) have this fabulous web site dedicated to cooking fast, healthy meals! I love it. I'll love it more when they start blogging there again!

Try it out--you might find some good stuff. I'm adding the fish tacos to my menu this week.