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Sunday, August 17, 2008

We made it through the first week of school

Hunter just finished his first week of second grade and we all survived it. We had been readjusting his schedule for the past month, albeit unsuccessfully most nights, so the 6am wake-up was a shock all week for all of us. He is taking the bus to and from school this year so he has to be to the bus stop down the street by 6:30am or we have to drive him to school which is 15 miles away. Now you must realize that no matter what time we wake him, it typically takes him all the time alloted and then some for him to get out the door. He has to get dressed, brush his teeth, shoes on and tied and then he makes his lunch (he's been making his own lunch for over a year) mom or dad's job is to keep him focused on the task at hand and moving toward the ultimate goal of getting him out the door. Now anyone that noticed that breakfast wasn't included in the schedule, Hunter takes after his dad and doesn't like breakfast when he first wakes up, so he takes a granola bar or something to go. So the first week was a challenge to be sure, there was the prodding, coaching, yelling, and threatening to achieve that ultimate goal.

Now this was also an adjustment week for Jordyn, she has had her best friend and brother to play and conspire with all summer and now she is alone with dad, she and I had to adjust to day times without the cruise director and find ways for her and I to get along and have some fun along the way. Each day includes breakfast, lunch and numerous snack times as needed. Their is also a constant concert from the little star. She loves singing, so she will sing selections from whatever was playing in the car recently, this has included the soundtracks to Wicked, Annie, Mama Mia, the music of Lisa Kelly or Idina Menzel or whatever is on the radio. She is a good singer and is pretty close to dead on with the tunes and makes up whatever words she can't pronounce or doesn't remember. Now she is even choreographing her singing and needs a microphone to properly perform. (audiences are optional.)

All in all it has been a full week of fun and as the school year progresses we will get adjusted and then it will be summer all over again.


Primarymary said...

Hunter's teacher emailed me about something else, but also told me that she is loving having Hunter in her class.
"Mary Walker, your nephew, Hunter, is such a doll in my classroom!! LOVE HIM!!!"

Jenny said...

PICTURES! We want pictures of those cute kids! Singing children are dang cute, spot on tune or not!

The Orton's said...

How fun to be able to spend quality time with Jordyn, they grow up really, really fast - look at me for pete's sake...I have a TEENAGER!!!