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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miscellanious Ramblings

There were a few news items today that I would like to opine, since no one will listen to me rant in person, I will put my thoughts here and you can read as much as you can stand.

1. Tomorrow is slated to be "A Day with Gays" at least the gay activists who feel like they were cheated by the voters on prop 8 would like all the gays to call of sick tomorrow and not spend any money to show the country the power of the gay community. I have an idea, All the straight people should call off sick for a day and not spend any money to show the power of the moral majority in this country. Do you think the message would be clear enough, No Same Sex Marriage EVER!!! -- I am not a racist or a bigot -- I am a Christian and a voter and I voted my conscious on the gay marriage issue.

2. Is it too late to give Illinois to Canada, today the Governor of Illinois was arrested for a scheme to sell the Senate seat vacated by Obama. Why is it the everytime a Democrat gets elected they are right in the middle of a scandal that follows them throughout their term. The Chicago political machine is the most corrupt in the country and now they have opened a franchise office in Washington.

3. The Auto Industry "Bridge-Loan" is a bailout of the UAW by any name you give it. The American Auto Makers are $2000 dollars in the hole on every vehicle off the line to cover the legacy programs and highly inflated costs of union labor. This means that the importers (enen the ones built in the USA can add $2000 worth of bells and whistles to their line-up and still be competitive. ChefTom's plan for the big 3 Auto Companies; Break them all up into individual companies, each brand forced to negotiate and survive on their own. If 3 or 4 or 10 of these smaller auto companies fail, there are still others that will keep the supply chain and industry afloat. Each of the brands that exist under the banners of Ford, GM and Chrysler already have an executive team in place, so the CEOs of the corporations and the board of directors would be the only loss in the breaking up of the organizations.
The other option is to allow the big three to declare chapter 11, this will allow them to break the unions, liquidate un-needed properties and factories and re-negotiate the pensions of the retired employees with a one time buy-out.
The only reason that the Democrat controlled Congress is pushing so hard for the bail-out is because the left is in the pockets of the Unions and The UAW already paid for the bailout by spending millions of dollars to help Elect Dear Leader.
Neither of my plans require any money from the tax payers, why should someone making 12 dollars an hour in Tennessee bail-out someone making 30 dollars an hour?

4. There is a positive plan in the works from a congressman in Texas, Mr Gobert plan is simple, a stimulus plan tat won't cost us any more money. There is approx 350 billion dollars left of the 700billion in the bailout money that was already passed. Mr Gobert's plan is to take a 2 month tax holiday for all taxpaying Americans. No Federal Income Tax or FICA taxes. I am all for this plan, talk about fixing the problems right on main street this would do it.

I now return you to the holiday cheer channel.


Jenny said...

This IS holiday cheer ...from Chef Tom's alley. Thank you. I have a smile on my face and I feel cheerier, just imagining the gusto with which you typed this.
As for #3--I like your idea. No second option. No chapter 11. For ANYONE. That's a copout. That's like giving someone a nice reward for mismanaging their finances. And I'm thinking there must be some talk radio station somewhere that is needing a guy like you to 'put it out there.' We need more of you and less of what we're already hearing. Especially here in Mass-a-liberal-chusetts.
And Merry Christmas from me! A few shopping days left. If you don't have it, don't spend it.

Schenewarks said...

We are in a mess for sure. I'm choosing not to think about it today as I wonder if the senate will pass the bail out bill. When do you go under?