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Friday, October 10, 2008

ChefTom's Tax Plan

I have been contemplating the whole federal income tax debacle and what it actually pays for without the populace having any real control over what programs and pork barrel projects get funded with our hard earned funds. There are many things that I disagree with; the bailout that was a band aid at best, and probably won't work, at least it hasn't even slowed down the nose dive, that is 700 billion, but if you add the 25 billion for the auto makers, 300 billion mortgage bailout in July, the 85 billion for AIG and the fannie and freddie bailout we are at a trillion and a half dollars.
Added to the appropriations bill that was passed last week, there was an extra 100 million dollars for "special projects" things like tax breaks for Hollywood to film in the US, tax breaks for auto race tracks, 3 million dollars for a wooden arrow maker in Oregon, and many, many other tidbits that scream irresponsibility and corruption to me.

So I have come up with a plan that would allow the tax-paying citizens to "Earmark" their tax dollars. Here are the basics of the plan:
Based on percentages of your actual tax bill you would be able to choose where your tax dollars go, you choose your pet project types. The only types of spending would be set percentages for the military and infrastructure.

So here is an example
You after deduction tax bill is $1000.
10% for military $100
10% infrastucture $100

Now you would choose:

National Health Care
Corporate Bailouts
Paying down the deficit
Animal habit research
Housing subsidies

So here is the way it would work, you would have (in this example) $800 to fund wahtever you choose is important to you. If you are a space fanatic you can throw $800 to NASA, or if you want to help the poor throw $200 to welfare. It would be your choice. If at the end of the day certain programs are not funded adequately, they go away, the Tax-Payers choose that is not needed. Or if certain programs are over-funded any addition would go directly to paying down the deficit, The list could be up to 1000 items and would still be manageable, we the citizens would have the final word on whether or not we pay for something that we find morally reprehensible. I personally would not be forced to pay for welfare, housing subsidies, NPR/PBS or Planned Parethood. If everyone agreed and they no longer received federal funding they would have to either find private funding or go away.

I know this sounds like it could be harsh, but 50% or so of the population are conservative and 50% are liberal, so most of the programs would be funded, but most of the pork would be cut, because we would be able to say they we do not want to fund a 10 million dollar study on mating habits of the hawiian fruit fly.

It's a thought!


Becky said...

Why are you NOT running for an office? Start small and then someday we'll see you on the big screen.:)

ChefTom said...

I wouldn't get too far, I tend to get "passionate" and ignorance makes me crazy mad. I wouldn't survive ten minutes in congress without being asked to leave. I have a low tolerance for the liars that seem to thrive in that atmosphere (not all but most) I am pretty active in communicating with those that "represent" me and make my opinions known.

Jenny said...

A lobbyist, maybe? An HONEST lobbyist... now there's a novel idea! You'd be good...

Schenewarks said...

Here's the third vote - go do it and make a noisy difference ;-) Amy Jo