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Monday, October 27, 2008

Haiku Monday

The rules of the game are I will start, continue with the theme either in comments or on your own blog. Remember to keep the Syllable rule of 5-7-5.

The Sun is Shining
The Sky is Clear and Bright Blue
I am in a cube

Now it's your turn, good luck!


Becky said...

i'm not in a cube
i am inside my warm house
i am eating cake

Schenewarks said...

I have a great life.
An even prettier wife
And there is no strife.

Jarrod (Amy Jo's husband)

Jenny said...

I missed Haiku Monday!
How about limerick Tuesday?

There's a guy named ChefTom from Arizona.
He's clever and smart; just ask Mona. (Kathryn doesn't rhyme)
He whips up great cheesecake
and pastry and beefsteak.
He works in a cube near the phone-a.

Leanne Walker said...

I was going to suggest Sonnet Wednesday, but realized that I don't want to write a sonnet, so I will post a poem in the Emily Dickinson style.

The emails won't go through.
The geeks bounce me around.
They say it isn't on their side
The problem can be found.

The computer made a beep -
Unnatur'ly long and slow.
Been backing up all afternoon
With still a ways to go.