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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do you still think Obama is the answer?

The reasons why Barry O isn't qualified to be president and had the liberal media been objective he would have never beat Clinton in the primaries.

Here are what you should search to understand the danger of Barry O:

Bill Ayers - founder of the weather underground, claim to fame bombing the US Capital, Pentagon, and NYC Police headquarters. Feels he didn't do enough as recently as 9/11/01
Rev Jer. Wright - Pastor of the Trinity United church, friend of Louis Farakan and Libya's Kadaffi. Is an anti-Semite who hates the white race and the USA.
Father Flager - Catholic Priest who hangs out with Farakan and Wright, has communist theory for the USA.
Louis Farakan - Leader of the "Nation of Islam" Anti-Jew, anti-white, professes that Obama is the "Messiah"
Saul Alinsky - Author of the book "Rules for Radicals", although Obama never met Alinsky he has mastered his philosophy of radical organization. see: Acorn
Acorn - Community Organizers that are under investigation in more than 11 states for voter fraud. Obama's gave Acorn 833,000 for "get out the vote" during this election year.
Odingo - Obama's cousin, he ran for president of Kenya in 2007, Obama was his advisor and after Odinga lost the bid, he incited widespread violence killing many and in order to quell the violence he was given the prime minister position. He pledges to bring Kenya under Sharia Law (taliban)
Tony Rezko - Chicago slum lord/ real estate investor/felon. He took tens of millions in tax dollars to build and manage low-income properties in south Chicago. Most of these neighborhoods are condemned and boarded up. Obama is the guy that funneled the money to him. The plaot thickened when it was found that Obama and Rezko bought adjoining properties from the same owner, Obama paid $300,000 under market and Rekzo paid full price.
Khalidi - Professor now, PLO publicist then. Anti-Israel

Campaign Contributions from the middle east and the PLO - this is highly illegal.

No available transcripts from Harvard or Columbia - what is he hiding, immigration status, religion or ???
No record of how he got into Harvard and who paid for it - no lsat scores and no record of how he paid for Harvard.
No medical records released - This is something that I would like to know, Is the potential president hiding an affliction?
Nothing published from his time as Editor of the Harvard Law Review - Either he is the worst editor ever or he was so radical in his writings that he has had them exponged.
Chicago Annenburg Challenge - issued grants of 160 million dollars as chairman of this charity, to such great educational projects as United Trinity Church, and charter schools that were anti-establishment teaching communist indoctrination. 160 million and no significant change in test scores in the inner-city schools.
No Original Birth Certificate - where was he born, was he a citizen of Indonesia, they don't have dual citizenship with the US, so when he went their with his adopted step father, did he give up his US citizenship.
Elementary school record from indonesia list his religion as muslim and in one of his books he talks about being taught in muslim schools.

Just based on his circle of radical, questionable, race baiting, America Hating, convicted felons, and unrepentant domestic terrorists he should be laughed out of the running. He hasn't had one association from college come forward at all. He is like the invisible man, no one in his class at Columbia ever remember him in class.

Whenever he is asked about any of these associations he is dis-honest about the relationship based on his own books and other time lines that have been put together.

How many times have we all heard about his association with Wright; I sat in the pew at Trinity United for 20 years and never heard him say those things. Until it became a political hazard he stood by Wright and said that denouncing him would be like denouncing his black race.

I barely knew Bill Ayers from the neighborhood, but he worked with him on the same board for 7 years and launched his political career in Ayers living Room.

And on and on and on.

I have said many times, McCain wasn't my first choice, but he is the only choice now.

Think about if you would enjoy your taxes being 60% or more and the government being in charge of your medical treatment, college education, housing and salary. Where any drive to succeed and prosper is stripped away because the more successful you are the more the government is going to take.

Obama the other night said that he though health care was a right. This means that doctors do not own their education and are mandated to provide care whether or not they get paid. Would you be a doctor for the same pay as a bus driver or a garbage man? Would you spend years working 12-18 hours a day to build a successful business when the government is going to take most of it for those that have never worked a day in their life?

Do you agree with "to each according to their needs, from each according to their ability"?

If you do you would enjoy living in a communist nation, that is also what the far left congress would like, bigger government, bigger taxes, bigger entitlements, fewer jobs, fewer companies, more absenteeism, more dead beats, more crime.

I choose freedom, I want to keep what I earn and if I live better than you, I earned it, I should benefit from it. I should choose if and which charities I donate to, and I should be able to find, negotiate and purchase the health insurance I want for myself and my family or choose not to.

Please don't take the easy way (in the short term) for an easy ride, it will get bumpy and there will be no place to turn around once you choose which way to turn on that road. Choose wisely and think of my children and your children and choose freedom.

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