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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Roger

It's Roger's Birthday, I have never met him, but grew up with his wife, she started something, and I came across this picture of him, to see what he looks like now go here.
I know Jenny, so Roger must be a saint... just sayin'!


Becky said...

cheftom - awkward picture day was last week! LOVE that you have this picture. it's jenny's favorite. don't listen if she tells you different. rog IS a good man. we love him. thanks for the tribute in his honor!

Jenny said...

Listen, Mr.ChefTom.
This picture was a mistake.
And not mine, I'll add.
It's NOT my favorite.
But when you want to get the wedding announcements out BEFORE the wedding, you have to cave. And settle.
And YES, awkward picture day was SO last week! Stop this! And I will admit that Roger IS a saint. He puts up with the real me everyday. Why do you think he has so much less hair these days?

ChefTom said...

I am all done until your birthday... then all bets are off.
just a reminder, I was sitting here minding my own business and you posted some pretty dispicable pictures of me. I just can't sit back and be abused, can I? LOL Love ya Jenny, you are gorgeous even in the 80s....

Jenny said...

New day... new post!
It must be someone else's birthday today...?