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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ronald McDonald House

Last night my department was responsible for preparing and feeding the guests at the Phoenix Ronald McDonald House. It was a great experience, that made me grateful for my good health and the good health of my children.

It was also a fantastic team building event for crew that went and participated at the house. I was humbled by the graciousness of the families that we fed. They were so thankful to us that I was awestruck by it because I have done a lot of similar charity events over the past 10 years and rarely do you have someone from EVERY family come back and thank you for coming and feeding them.

I will be doing this again and again, I truly received more than I gave.


Jenny said...

What a gratifying experience, and a perfect time of year to do this!

Becky said...

Tom - how did I miss this post? I LOVED it. What a great opportunity! I love those feel good service opportunities. I love how they make you grateful for what you have. You are a wonderful example! :)