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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Respect the President Elect?

I was told the other day by a liberal and it is echoed by much of the liberal media, that now that the election is over we all need to get in line behind Dear Leader and show his some respect, This is my response to this ridiculous notion that we all should get in line and support someone who's policies go against everything you believe. So for all the liberal kool-aid drinking sheep, I will never fall in line and be blindly led into socialism, I will not show Dear Leader respect until it is earned, and I will not support or abide by Dear Leaders policies that I find morally and ethically bankrupt.

For the past two years every time "Dear Leader" has opened up his mouth he has blamed President Bush for something. However, President Bush was not at fault for 90% of it, the congress was, where dear leader should have been.
President Bush has been blamed for Katrina and the Levies breaking, New Orleans was send funds 30 years ago to fix those very levies and re-directed the funds to something else.
He was blamed for FEMA not responding fast enough, the governor and mayor requested federal help 72 hours after Katrina and the rules at the time was FEMA cannot go where they are not invited.
President Bush has been blamed for the economic crisis, We were in an economic boom until the Democrats took control of congress in 2006, then it all went belly up.
President Bush hasn't been credited with keeping this country safe from more terrorist attacks for the past 7 years.
For introducing 50 million people to democracy and freeing them from an evil dictator that would rather kill you than deal with you.
For warning congress about Fannie and Freddie for the past 7 years.

So if Dear Leader wants respect from my house he is going to have to earn it, he showed no respect to the sitting president of the USA, so he hasn't earned the respect from the USA.

I will continue to scream when he tries to force socialism on us, and IF he does something worthwhile, I will give him credit. That is more than I can say for him if regards to President Bush.


Primarymary said...

Most people I know are taking the attitude that we need to blindly follow and support "Dear Leader", I just haven't been able to embrace that idea of following blindly. I will be fighting against any idea or policy that I disagree with,as well. i guess its time to put Ed Pastor and our Senator's on speed dial.

Becky said...

My dad was talking to me about this very subject last night. Pres. Bush has been martyred by the media. He's a good man.

shirlgirl said...

I was in the grocery store the other day when the cashier asked me what I thought about the election. I didn't want to say anything, but I did say that I didn't vote for the President Elect. When I left, he said, "we need change". I kept on walking. He was also of the same color. We certainly would have been much safer with McCain. I am sorry that the rest of the country couldn't feel the same way. I read a town paper yesterday (Walpole), and that entire town voted for McCain!! Massachusetts will never vote totally Republican--they can't see beyond their noses. I like Bush--he might not have done a lot of things that the people would have liked, but as you say, Tom, he has kept us protected from terrorists since 2001. I hope he enjoys his retirement. He deserves it. My friend's son has been to Iraq. I asked her what his take was on the war. He said either fight it there or fight it here. Just ask those who have served, and they'll tell you that it is/was necessary.

Ed and Bel said...

Liberals should listen to their own words of advice. They should get behind and support the vote for PROP 8 & 102. The people have voted!