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Friday, November 21, 2008

They get so big, so fast

When our children are new they need us for everything, feeding, bathing, moving from place to place and to keep dry and without odors. But, as they grow they start stripping away your parental duties little by little, When they start feeding themselves, crawling, walking, that glorious day when they are finally potty trained, when they can start dressing themselves (sometimes 20 times a day), when they start making their lunches, bathing themselves, reading to themselves, operate electronic devices like TVs and DVD players better than you. These are all things that were our responsibilities to do for them at some point.

But day by day, they decide and with you training, they can do for themselves and you slowly become just a spectator is their lives. This is not all sad though, some of the things they take care of are good things to let go of... like diapers, and the early days of potty training where you are the "Butt Wiper"

That night Hunter came home from school, went upstairs to change his clothes, started a load of laundry(without prompting from us). This event is what prompted this train of thought and this post. I realized last night that my baby boy is relegating my to the cheap seats for a lot of his needs. BUT!!! All is not lost yet, he forgot to put soap in the washing machine, so I had to start it over.


Becky said...

hooray for independence, although i do get sad as they gain more skills. that's funny he forgot the soap. :)

Jenny said...

Wow. I'm impressed that he did it without being asked! I have to threaten my older three to do a load... so far never independently.

Leanne Walker said...

Tom, Hunter takes after Dad. Dad really enjoys doing laundry.

Schenewarks said...

Wow, I have 11, 13, 16 years old that have yet to do that on their own, you're doing something right! But I'm cheering on the side that you got to add the soap. They grow up toooooo fast.